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OMG!!!! I actually cried! when I saw this!!
My kids can look at this in years to come and remember we tried to free Scotland on 18/09/14.  Saor Alba.
Has made me cry (in a good way) looking through it – captures some great memories from the campaign.
Mark, quite simply the book made me cry. Thank you so very much, best present ever!
I’m all emotional (again) but hope is inspired by the content. Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.
Awwh super chuffed with post this morning. Thank you Mark Barnes for this amazing book
The book is fantastic and tells the story of the Scottish Referendum really well.
Looking through the images brought back so many memories, and made me quite emotional – it’s something I will treasure always
Thank you so much! The book’s amazing. Such an ace thing to be able to give Sonny when he’s older. xxx
I have received the book today. Its brilliant!. Thank you so much, Mark, Everybody in Scotland should have it.
Absolutely awesome compilation.. Thank You so much Mark and also to all who contributed.. Saor Alba!
Thanks it’s stunning…  I love it..  xx

Look Inside

About the book

A Nation Decides

The book is 120 pages, full colour hardback.  It features a collection of poems, artwork, photographs and quotes related to the Scottish Referendum.

It has 5 sections.

  • Fear Over Hope - The campaigning
  • Soaring Spirits - The week before
  • A Nation Divided - The week after
  • Hope Over Fear - The growing yes movement
  • Scotlands Future - Dedications to the Children of Scotland

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