go site Here are the details of some of the contributors to the book:

Sharon Turnbull

Sharon only got really interested in photography in recent years, but when you look at her portfolio at Solo Imaging you’d be hard pressed to tell.  Her photography is diverse, nature, landscapes, structures and people are all captured beautifully. Sharon provided a very dramatic image of a pier crumbling into the ocean, which I felt was the perfect image for…

Ivon Bartholomew

As a professional freelance photojournalist, Ivon is often seen covering events in his home town of Edinburgh and Scotland. A regular contributor on BBC Scotland’s online news pages and the national and international press, he is kept very busy by his commercial clients. His photojournalism work focuses equally on capturing public figures from the worlds of politics and the arts;…

Stephen McBride

There are so many wonderful images in the book that came from the lens of Stephen McBride.  He manages to capture emotion and energy in people beautifully and without a doubt the book would not be what it is without his imagery. Many families in Scotland will be shedding a happy tear as they watch their children smile at the…

Dylan Walker

Dylan Walker comes from Scotland where you will find beautiful castles, landscapes, lochs, wildlife, and the Loch Ness Monster! He photographs weddings, portraits, land and seascapes, and other things. His favourite type of photography is landscapes and portraiture. He first started photography with digital and then a year later he bought a 35mm film camera. You should check out his web-site at for some fantastic photos.

Fearchara Fia

Fearchara Fia is a historical and entertainment front of house photographer. Medieval and Victorian Gothic images, juggling, magic and variety specialist. She is also friends with Adam Watters, who happens to parade around Scotland entertaining the children with his brave Scottish warrior look.  She gratefully provided me with an image of him, which he also agreed to, and then provided…

Heinz Koch

You could be forgiven for wondering why Heinz Koch, a photographer based in Germany would be included in a book about the Scottish referendum.  But, if you visit his web site at you soon realise he is a landscape photographer who naturally loves Scotland. He has captured some fantastic photographs of Scotland which you can see in his Scottish portfolio. As he…

Lochinver Landscapes

Lochinver Landscapes is a small independent gallery situated in the small fishing village of lochinver in the North West highlands of Scotland. The gallery was set up by photographer John McCarthy in 2012 on the site of the former ‘Picture Shack’, a highly successful gallery run and owned by local artist Mary King. The gallery features a wide variety of…

see Additionally, a huge thank you is needed to all the parents sending in some wonderful photos of your children.  I am sorry I wasn’t able to include them all.


see url And finally, I have a huge list of friends on Facebook and Twitter who have helped me enormously, both directly and indirectly.  Special mentions would be to Raven Alexandra who inspired a few photo edits in the book, Mandy Preston who sent me loads of material, Trebor Anderson provided enormous inspiration with some of his works, Jock MacKay and George Eggo for their humour, Keyser Soze for being Keyser Soze and finally everyone in the Bletherin Eejits, you’re all my type of people :)

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